Types of DDoS Attacks – volumetric, asymmetric, computational, and vulnerability-based

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DDoS attacks are rapidly evolving in frequency and unpredictability. While the objective is still to cause a service outage, attacks and attackers are becoming more sophisticated. While the threat landscape continues to expand, some security experts think that DDos fall within four major types: volumetric, asymmetric, computational, and vulnerability-based.

Defensive mechanisms have evolved to deal with these different categories, and today’s high-profile organizations have learned to deploy them in specific arrangements to maximize their security posture. By working with these companies and fine-tuning their components, some security experts at the time of this writing that has developed a recommended DDoS protection architecture, which can accommodate specific data centre size and industry requirements, include… F5 (ADF, ASM) and Cisco Firepower.

In addition, McAfee and Websense are recommeded tools that can be ran on ‘proxy servers’.

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