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GDPR regulation puts the security of EU citizens at the forefront of all processing activities – including granting individuals new rights concerning access, portability, and data erasure, whilst holding organisations accountable for failing to adhere with the compliance requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals responsible for data protection, storage, and processing, develop a comprehensive appreciation for the meticulous details of the impending GDPR – which can be obtained by undertaking this introductory, but extensive GDPR Foundation course.


Businesses are expected to instigate comprehensive governance measures that are proportionate to the scale of data processing. One of the fundamental requirements of the GDPR is the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) – this position will be mandatory in all organisations that have a core data processing operation, and concerns both Controllers and Processors. DPOs will be required to possess extensive knowledge of the GDPR laws prior to the regulation’s instigation, hence it is imperative that candidates take comprehensive GDPR Foundation and Practitioner courses to become fully informed. The DPO role is expected to be multifaceted and will require extensive knowledge of IT management, systems, data processing, and of the GDPR law, in order to overcome and prevent cyber-threats. Hence, our GDPR training courses educate candidates on how to implement a programme of compliance, whilst ensuring that they are professionally marketable as a Data Protection Officer – becoming a much sought-after employee.


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