IAM – 16/05/2019

With Cloud IAM you can grant granular access to specific GCP resources and prevent unwanted access to other resources. Cloud IAM lets you adopt the security principle of least privilege, so you grant only the necessary access to your resources.

Concepts related to identity – 19/05/2019

In Cloud IAM, you grant access to members. Members can be one of the following types:     Google account     Service account     Google group     G Suite domain     Cloud Identity domain Download the doc here – https://cloud.google.com/iam/docs/overview For more info… contact osazee@tiptechnologies.co.uk

Web application Vulnerability – 20/05/2019

Web application Vulnerability is major puzzle in the security posture of an organization. The codes that run the application is the major focus of security. Even though an organization is technically/logically well protected against OWASP_Top_10 vulnerabilities, there will be security gaps that only the organization’s security culture can fill....

How to create Fortigate SSL VPN

How to create Fortigate SSL VPN SSL-VPN provides remote users with access to the corporate network using SSLVPN  client while connecting through the Internet to the corporate FortiGate unit. During the connecting phase, the FortiGate unit will also verify that the remote user’s antivirus software is installed and current… Step...

How to configure Wired 802.1x

How to configure Wired 802.1x on ISE 1.3… 1. Add an external identity source e.g. AD If you have multiple identity sources, create an identity source sequence Add ISE(s) as join points to AD Add AD OUs as groups To enable machine authentication; go to Administration, external ID sources,...